Natural Environment and Entrepreneurship

web EEYesterday , we were surprised by the rain of ash fell on to Bandung City and West Java . This is certainly related to the eruption of Kelud in Kediri, East Java . Tremendous impact on the people of Bandung and also includes the entrepreneur. Entrepreneur needs to a concern on this condition.

I was reminded of the concept of strategic management or management strategy is to be understood , internalized and used in every business decision made ​​to achieve business goals by entrepreneur. in addition, with a statement that always i say that an entrepreneur must be a strategist.

Strategic thinking that is how every entrepreneur considering the internal environment and the external environment and make long-term planning to achieve the goal of every entrepreneur is profit, people, planet, sustainability and growing and developing. One is the natural environment or geography .

In terms of business , the dust rain events is something that can not be denied and ignored because it is bound to happen and can not be controlled . That’s one character business environment . So , what should be done by the entrepreneur? Clearly this is a threat to many entrepreneurial because it will affect the existing business processes .

This is evident from the effects of dust scattered everywhere and affects breathing and also make eyes sore yesterday. For the entrepreneur, it would be a hazard if not anticipated, especially for entrepreneur himself and also employees of the company. it is the closest example of risk and personalized for entrepreneurs and employees .

Not to mention that the business had to be closed due to the impact of rain disturbed the dust . This is what should be of concern to the entrepreneur because of course , the impact of environmental Interchangeability is a threat for the company. Therefore , the need for an entrepreneur to take steps for stability while the attention of the environmental conditions to anticipate the impact of the ash falls . May we always dilingkung by Allah and families hit by disaster, got patience and we can help them too .

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